Experienced painters servicing Peoria / Phoenix, AZ area with over 20 year experience. Services include: Exterior,Interior,Commercial, and Residential Painting


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At CWS Painting, we make the process of hiring a painting contractor a hassle-free experience. Our staff is capable of painting homes and businesses throughout Peoria, AZ, and isn’t afraid to take on major projects. We’ll use top-quality paint on all your walls and any other surfaces you need painted. We’ll even help you choose a paint color that will give your building a more visually appealing look.


We always conduct ourselves professionally and take the time to make sure all our work is completed the right way. You won’t have to worry about being stuck with the results of sloppy workmanship when you hire us, and we’ll do everything possible to finish your project without any delays.

Call CWS Painting today to find out when a painting contractor on our team can come to you to give you an on-site estimate. Our locally owned and operated business serves the Greater Peoria area.


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